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37th Osishkin St.,
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We love working with people and for them.

It is important for us to stay No. 1 and to be the experts in our field in order to save you time, save your money, and allow you a smooth transition from old to new systems.

We invest in professional and personal service to make sure we give you full value for your purchase, even if it means we have to work harder.

We are optimistic by nature and believe that every problem has a solution and every client is our long run partner.

Why Tao SDC?

Professionalism, service and development are Tao SDC's DNA.
We operate is the highest standards, we love what we do and put our hearts into it.

  • There is no better product for business DOS software in the market - guaranteed!
  • 24/7 technical support and free software updates for one year with your purchase!
  • Free, fully functional trial version to download for product testing - prior to purchase.
  • Direct purchase from the site - no installation disk, no shipping costs - quick and easy download online.
  • Transferring the software license to a new computer.
  • Upgrade from one program version to another at a fair price.
  • Attractive prices for volume purchases.

Innovative technology solutions developed as simple software solutions:
Tao Software Development Company developed the Tao ExDOS products line as a unique and simple software solution for the increasing incompatibility between gapping computer technologies and architectures, designed to perform with a minimal usage of resources while maintaining optimal hardware and software performance.

Reliability and fairness all the way:
Along the years we build a strong record of success and reliability reputation working with world-wide companies and organizations. Within a need, we can supply a long list of recommendations and testimonies to support your choice.

World wide clients from diverse business:
Tao ExDOS products were installed over the years in thousands of diverse businesses and organizations around the globe, on thinnest clients and heaviest servers.
We expanded our solutions to match years of gathered feedbacks from hundreds of our contractors and thousands of their end-user clients. The use for Tao Software Development Company products is massive and includes most of the market segments.
These days, Tao Software Development Company is the best and most comprehensive solution for DOS users in the world for a market niche estimated at 25-35 million end-users.

Simple and easy software to install and user friendly interface:
We designed our products usage to be as simple and automatic as possible for our end-user all over the world allowing full administrative access for manual configuration and optimization and full technical support by the expert Support Team (including upgrade versions and simple installation).

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Tao ExDOS - Run DOS programs on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Terminal Server. Print to any printer on any connection (LPT, USB, LAN, Cloud printers), including All-in-One printers, Microsoft Word DOC files, PDF files, Fax, HTML and TXT.